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California’s Best Commercial Concrete Services From CA Commercial Paving

Installing concrete additions in Fresno, CaliforniaEven though we primarily provide the best commercial asphalt paving services in the Fresno, Merced, and Visalia areas, we also can provide additional concrete services like culverts, drains, aprons, and curbing, in conjunction with our other asphalt projects.

What Concrete Services Do We Offer?

At CA Commercial Paving, we offer concrete services in conjunction with our asphalt paving projects. We can offer a few different concrete services like:

  • Culverts​ – Culverts are fully enclosed drainage systems that are part of a road or a portion of land. It depends on how much water flows, how far it is discharged, and how deep the culvert is being installed to determine how big and what type of culvert is used. Culverts can be used for a variety of functions, including roadway surfaces, but they always serve to convey water through a pipe or channel.
  • Drains​ – The rapid removal of water helps reduce flood risks and maintains traffic flow on busy roads and parking lots. Keeping water from accumulating on our roadways and parking lots is extremely important for public safety. Drains on roadways and in parking lots aid in the removal of stormwater that builds up on your property.
  • Aprons​ – A concrete apron can help manage stormwater by reducing the amount of water that pools on the paved surface. Parking lot aprons help divert rainwater away from your space. Furthermore, concrete aprons will break up the scenery and make your parking lot more attractive to look at, by creating a break in it.
  • Curbs​ – Parking lots and roadways cannot function without curbs. These barriers help contain runoff created when water flows freely from the sidewalk and roadways and causes a hazard. The curb can act as an effective barrier to prevent roots invading concrete structures enhancing visual aesthetics. Curbs that are well-maintained can give your property a professional appearance and add value.

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Why CA Commercial Paving Is Your Best Choice For Concrete Services

Our attention to detail at CA Commercial Paving allows us to provide you best-in-class concrete paving options that will last for many years. We are equipped with the tools for reliable service and quality construction — on time, safely, and at a competitive price — through ongoing training, detailed planning, and continuous upgrades of our highly specialized equipment.

The CA Commercial Paving Difference

Our crew takes great pride in its work and we want you to feel confident in your decision to hire them. We provide our customers with the highest quality paving services and prioritize our customers’ needs. By guaranteeing all of our work, offering a full line of commercial paving services, committing to the highest quality of service, and offering maintenance plans to keep your paving needs met we go above-and-beyond for our customers to ensure the highest level of quality is met with every job we do.

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