The pavements and parking lot in any commercial area require frequent maintenance. Despite hiring reputable and trusted paving contractors for initial construction, you need to call them again at least after every two years for any repairs. Below are signs that it’s time to call a commercial paving contractor. Fresno, CA information can be seen at this link.

Bumps and Heaves

Bumping and heaving are common during the cold season. This is because freezing causes the heaving of the pavement. Again, sometimes the soil underneath the pavement becomes susceptible and causes uneven pavements. Hiring a paving contractor helps to restore these areas to even positions. Click here to read about Questions to Ask a Commercial Paving Contractor.

Drainage Problems

A proper drainage system is crucial for smooth pavement or parking lot in your business. Thus, if you see large amounts of water collecting from certain parts of the parking lot, you need to call a paving contractor. This is an indication that you have a poor drainage system. If you ignore this problem, it can cause damage to the structural foundation of the pavement or parking lot.

Fatigue Cracking

Heavy traffic can cause fatigue cracking on your pavement in your business. This problem can also be caused when a contractor uses low-quality concrete or mixes concrete improperly. Thus, it becomes brittle and damaged over time.

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