Explore the Wineries in Fresno, CA

Fresno is one of the few cities in California you’ll be sure to enjoy wine. If you are looking for the best wineries for wine tasting, you have two great options to choose from. They include the following. Further facts about Fresno, CA can be found here.

Moravia Wines

Moravia Wines opened a winery in 2012 to produce wine that would win awards and use the grapes from the San Joaquin Valley. Within the first two years, the winery had already started collecting awards, and the company continues to excel.  Each weekend the winery is open for people to come and taste the fabulous wines on offer. On certain Fridays throughout the year, the winery also hosts family events for everyone to relax at the end of the week. Information about Fresno, CA is a Historical City that can be found here.

LoMac Winery

The second winery worth visiting is LoMac Winery. There are regular events and tastings held throughout the year, and the winery is also part of the Fresno County Wine Journey. The owners use only local grapes to produce some excellent wine. Unlike many places, the owners like to lead the tasting sessions, ensuring that the passion they have for great wine shines through in the sessions. There is a fantastic merlot produced here that is well worth a taste.