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Have You Thought About Sealcoating And Striping Your Parking Lot?

By filling in damaged asphalt pavement and applying a protective overlay to the surface, parking lot sealcoating and striping can extend the life expectancy of asphalt and protect it from damaging UV rays, vehicle fluids, and water. And striping can improve the look and functionality of your parking lot.

Why Do You Need Parking Lot Sealcoating And Striping?

Asphalt will oxidize as a result of sunlight, water, and wind exposure. The hardened material can be easily damaged by weight loads and collisions, since it is more brittle, susceptible to cracking, and more easily broken. The most cost-effective way to combat this problem is to take preventative measures, and this is crucial in climates such as those of California where asphalt is particularly vulnerable to deterioration.
In sealcoating, a refined mixture of coal tar, bituminous-based product, or acrylic is sprayed over asphalt in order to prolong the overall life and quality of the pavement.

That Is Why You Need CA Commercial Paving

At CA Commercial Paving, the leading parking lot restoration and sealcoating company servicing Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and the surrounding California area, we provide sealcoating using top quality products. We have built a reputation for quality that is second to none in the industry. In addition to a comprehensive parking lot restoration and sealcoating program, we manufacture ozone producing equipment, allowing us to provide highly efficient services.

Parking Lot Sealcoating And Striping Benefits…

  • Prevents Oxidation​ – A sealcoat protects against the destructive effects of oxidation by creating a barrier in the form of an impermeable film that gives the steel greater resistance to corrosion.
  • Prevents Potholes​ – The sealcoat has waterproof properties, keeping moisture out of cracks where potholes might develop, especially when the weather gets cold.
  • Prevents Oil Damage​ – The contact between oil and gasoline weakens asphalt, and sealcoating protects the asphalt from any oil or gasoline spillage from ever touching it directly.
  • Looks Sharp ​ – Asphalt pavements are enhanced by sealcoating by adding a black sheen to the surface. The outer appearance of your parking lot is first impression for your business, and the best you can give is a pristine outside appearance with a new sealcoat and sharp striping.

In Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and surrounding California areas, our team has earned a bulletproof reputation for excellence from large parking lot striping projects to routine sealcoating jobs.

The CA Commercial Paving Difference

Each job we do is a source of pride for us, and we want you to feel comfortable hiring our company. We deliver only the highest quality of work. By offering a full line of commercial paving services, offering a commitment to the highest level of quality in service, and offering maintenance contracts to keep your paving needs met, we put our clients and their paving needs first.

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