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Are You Looking For The Most Dynamic Private And Specialty Paving Services In California?

Providing the best private and specialty paving services in California means we are able to accommodate related needs; including HOA paving, churches, synagogues, and other places of worship, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf paths, walking paths, and much more. Get an estimate today!

No Matter What Project You Have In Mind, CA Commercial Paving’s Private and Specialty Paving Services Has You Covered

No two paving projects are alike. And the paving project that you have in mind may not fit into a standard paving service category. Finding a paving contractor that can meet your needs and demands for a private or specialty paving service can be difficult and frustrating. You need a commercial paving company that can think outside of the box and complete your paving job no matter what your paving needs are.
If this sounds like you, then…

You Need CA Commercial Paving

At CA Commercial Paving we excel at private and specialty commercial paving services. From homeowner association paving to churches and religious buildings, and sports courts, golf cart paths, walking paths, and more, we can help. No matter what your paving needs are, we can create a custom solution that not only gives you what you are looking for, but we ensure that your paving project is built correctly to last you for many, many years.

What Private And Specialty Paving Services Do We Offer?

CA Commercial Paving has been providing quality private and specialty paving services for years. In order to meet the needs of all our customers and demands, we perform the following private and specialty paving services:

  • Paving For Homeowners Associations – Like road paving, driveway paving, and parking lot paving in your HOA.
  • Paving For Churches And Religious Buildings – We can install or repair your church or religious building parking lot.
  • Paving For Recreational Areas – We can pave everything from new basketball and tennis courts to walking paths at parks and recreational areas and we can install and repair new golf cart paths for your course, and so much more.

You can trust the experienced paving crews from CA Commercial Paving for quality work for your public or private business in Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and the surrounding California areas.

The CA Commercial Paving Difference

Throughout the years, we have taken pride in every job we do. We hope hiring our crew gives you confidence in our workmanship. We are committed to producing the best possible work. By offering a full service line of commercial paving services to our clients, committing to the highest quality of service, and providing maintenance plans, we make sure that all of their paving needs are met.

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CA Commercial Paving provides high-quality private and specialty paving services in Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and its surrounding areas. Rely on our quality services today. Our commercial paving experts are ready to help for your next commercial paving project! Call us at 888-415-4055 to learn more about CA Commercial Paving’s commercial paving services.