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We Offer The Smoothest Paving And Repairs On Private And Public Roads In California

With professional paving and repair services from CA Commercial Paving, you can invest in your neighborhood or municipality. To ensure your drive is as comfortable and smooth as possible, we offer the best commercial paving services for private drives, HOAs, and public roads. Easily Prevent Costly Road Repairs With CA Commercial Paving’s Private and Public Paving and Repair Services Resurfacing can be quite expensive depending on how extensive the damage is. Unlike antique cars, your private roads and highways don’t get better with age. You will see signs of wear and tear on your roads due to the sun, weather, and fluids from vehicles. It is essential to hire a professional road paving and repairs team who can provide fast, proper, and safe repairs to the roads in your area. CA Commercial Paving strives to be the best private and public road paving and repair service with every job we have.

Because Of This, CA Commercial Paving Is Needed

Private and public road paving and repairs are provided by CA Commercial Paving professionals with extensive experience in the field. Through the use of modern, proven techniques, high-quality equipment, and highly experienced and trained professionals, we have gained our customers’ trust and confidence. To keep Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and the surrounding California areas moving smoothly, we work closely with citizens and local municipalities.

Improve The Conditions Of Your Roads

CA Commercial Paving has been providing quality paving and repairs on public and private roads for years. The following tasks are performed in order to ensure proper traffic routing and minimize disruptions:

  • Cracks are filled quickly and completely so the roads reopen as soon as possible, which reduces the disruption of traffic flow in the area.
  • Apply a second application if setting occurs, in order to ensure that your road’s cracks are repaired properly and require less repair work in the future.
  • Maintaining traffic flow around the construction site so everyone will be safe and your neighborhoods will be less disturbed.

If you are searching for quality paving and repairs services for major highways, private roads, homeowners associations, or back roads in Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and the surrounding California areas, choose a team with experience… CA Commercial Paving.

The CA Commercial Paving Difference

Our company takes pride in every job we do, and we want our teams to feel confident when you hire them. Our work is of the highest quality and we put our clients and their paving needs first by guaranteeing all of our work, offering a full line of commercial paving services, committing to the highest quality of service, and offering maintenance plans to keep your paving needs met.

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CA Commercial Paving offers high-quality private and public road paving and repair, as well as concrete services services in Fresno, Merced, Visalia, and its surrounding areas. Get in touch with CA Commercial Paving at 888-415-4055 today for a FREE estimate or more information, and remember, we are here to help regardless of your commercial paving needs!